AutoLISP STDLIB mail archive [part 4 ], 01.Sep.98 - 01.Dec.98
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STDENT proposals

Hello Reini,

I have 2 proposal concerning some STDENT functions.
1. To made fullproof ENAME or entget list call the following functions:
(defun STD-ARC-PT (ele)
    (polar (std-getval 10 ele)(std-getval 50 ele)(std-getval 40 ele))
    (std-entity ele) 0))                ;fixed

(defun STD-ARC-ENDPT (ele)
    (polar (std-getval 10 ele) (std-getval 51 ele) (std-getval 40 ele))
    (std-entity ele) 0))                ;fixed
2. Change STD-SEG-LENGTH function. Now it's confusing for non-straight
segments because really it calculates the distance between and points
- not length! So we can define something like
(defun STD-SEG-PTS-DIST (seg) (distance (std-seg-p1 seg)(std-seg-p2 seg)))

and define STD-SEG-LENGTH as
(defun STD-SEG-LENGTH (seg)
  (if (std-seg-bulge seg)           ;curved?
    (abs (std-arclen seg))
    (std-seg-pts-dist seg)))        ;straight

Best regards,