AutoLISP STDLIB mail archive [part 11], 27.Oct.00 - 17.Oct.01
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Re: uncooperative std-layer-freeze/lock/thaw-vp/freeze-vp functions

hi david,
thanks for your bugreport.

I think sooner or later it's really time to start with the testsuite for the
autocad specific functions. i really want to rely on that and not hope that it
just works.
maybe we oversaw another one...

BTW: In the next months I will do almost no autolisp development anymore,
I'm doing movies and webdevelopment now. tomorrow i will have finished my
latest autolisp project (hopefully).
and then in summer I'll go to the states for three months. travelling all over
the country,
doing reports with a friend of mine for some newspapers.

maybe I'll come over for a visit :) would be super.

David Kozina schrieb:
> OK - sounds good - but the layers remain thawed!
> std-layer-lock/thaw-vp/freeze-vp all do the same thing.

> No other major problems to report  STOP
> Too busy for much programming (I hit the above glitches today)  STOP
> Yields => Current STDLIB implementation working pretty good  :)
Reini Urban