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Re: problem with loading stdlib15.arx

your attachment didn't get through my email filter.
But I don't filter out images, just javascript and such.

Can you send it again, please. or describe it.

"Barlow, Raymond" schrieb:
>  <<...OLE_Obj...>>
> hello reini,
>   I hope you can read this screen capture. If this is ok I have other
> question and would like to use screen captures.
>  I am drafter/programmer in a large company in San Diego, CA.   I am now
> using all you codes in my programming and about over 100 drafter/Eng.. etc.
> are beta testing
> my program with your code. I have been getting alot of feed back from the
> users and I have found other areas in your code that I have questions about.
> We have a mixed bag of computer here and different version of AutoCAD, This
> place is a good beta site.
> Please let me know the best way to report bug to you
> thanks for all your hard work
> god bless
> Raymond Barlow
> Remec Inc.
> (858)505-3504
Reini Urban