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uncooperative std-layer-freeze/lock/thaw-vp/freeze-vp functions

Hey there Reini,


Both AutoCAD R14.01 & ADT2i (and my guess is everything in between...)
Latest stdlib module downloads - in particular...
;$Id: STDTBL.LSP 0.5006 2000/12/31 10:59:00 rurban Rel $ -*-AutoLISP-*-
;;; Time-stamp: <2000-12-31 11:30:56 rurban>
strlst =>

[any layer name list should suffice]


Command: (mapcar 'std-layer-freeze strlst)
(<Entity name: 8f40c60> <Entity name: 8f40d00> <Entity name: 8f40d10>
name: 8f40d28> <Entity name: 8f40d38> <Entity name: 8f40da0> <Entity name:
8f40dc0> <Entity name: 8f40dc8> <Entity name: 8f40e00> <Entity name:
<Entity name: 8f40e68> <Entity name: 8f40ea0> <Entity name: 8f40ea8> <Entity
name: 8f40ee8> <Entity name: 8f40ef8> <Entity name: 8f40f78> <Entity name:
8f40f90> <Entity name: 8f40f98> <Entity name: 8f41008> <Entity name:
<Entity name: 8f41078> <Entity name: 8f410a0> <Entity name: 8f410a8> <Entity
name: 8f41120> <Entity name: 8f41168> <Entity name: 8f41178> <Entity name:

OK - sounds good - but the layers remain thawed!
std-layer-lock/thaw-vp/freeze-vp all do the same thing.

What's wrong with this picture?  :-/

Or am I abusing these functions somehow?
std-layer-on/off/unlock functions ARE working as expected.

I've temporarily worked around the above (for freeze), down-and-dirtily,
(command "_.-LAYER" "_Freeze" (STD-STRLIST->CSSTRING strlst) "")

Best regards,
David Kozina

No other major problems to report  STOP
Too busy for much programming (I hit the above glitches today)  STOP
Yields => Current STDLIB implementation working pretty good  :)