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Re: Please Help me for STDLIB (BINIO function)

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your help.

Well, now I am using STDLIB for my project. I am getting very interesting
to use function from STDLIB in my project. It is really good and helpful for
But for the BINIO function I am getting little bit difficult to use.
There is only one Binary File IO Examples in STDLIB Help file. Which I got
difficult to understand.
I would like to request you that if possible please give me little more
simple example of all BINIO functions.
Through that way I could able to understand and I could make my project.

I want to make my data file in binary format so I tried to make read and
I could able to make file as like ASCII file for read and write but I could
not able to make in binary file. For reading and writing.

I used this way

(load "Stdall.lsp" (princ))
(load "binio.fas")
(defun c:W_Bin_File ()
  (setq fname "bin.txt")
  (setq opn (BINIO-FOPEN fname "w"))
  (BINIO-FPUTS opn "this is test")
);this is write ASCII text file.

Please help me for to make binary file

When I used these function I got error-  ; error: bad argument type:
fixnump: "this is test"
I think I don't know the way of use these functions.

One thinks I have download all file from xarch../pub/autocad/*.*
Among them
XLISP: An Object-Oriented Lisp in  \lisp\xlisp3.html and
XLISP 2.0 migration and cross-language programming utilities in
I have read but I did not get .lsp file for those function which has mension
in xlisp.html.

I don't understand symbol in axlisp.lsp

What is the proposed of used "!" symbol with defun

I am getting interesting to know about them.
Please help me.

Thank you, for your kindly Help.
Amrit Shrestha

----- Original Message -----
From: Reini Urban <>
To: Amrit <>
Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2000 9:58 AM
Subject: Re: Please Help me for STDLIB

> Amrit schrieb:
> > When I load all files of STDLIB. I got error
> >  ; error: no function definition:
> this is because of an incorrect loading error.
> you are probably loading all files in alphabetic order.
> combinations is an external module which must be loaded AFTER
> the main stdlib. See docs/INSTALL
> either load STDALL.LSP, STDLIB.LSP or a compiled version
> (STDLIB.FAS, STDLIB15.VLX, ...) first.
> see STDLIB.PRJ for a VLISP project.
> > 2)  STD-DEFCONSTANT     /Entmake.lsp
> > 3) STD-PROVIDE     /Getfilem.lsp, Primes.lsp
> > 4) STD-MODULE-DEFINED-P /Inifile.lsp
> > 5)  STD-%SIMPLE-REQUIRE  /Random.lsp
> >
> > ; error: extra right paren on input
> > Htree.lsp
> I fixed this.
> > but after loading Stdall.lsp function definition error has remove
> > Would you please help me, how could I make remove this error?
> > Some of the function color has black so some time I am getting confuse
> > writing code.
> > Please tell me about those other function color. It will be as like
> > function color (blue) or it is black.
> see stdinit-ide.lsp
> --
> Reini Urban