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xarch: Other AutoCAD related sites

Some selected CAD Portal Sites

(Portals want to shift the focus from decentralized user- and discussion groups to centralized and organized web pages. Earn some money, bind communities, offer steady goodies, services and information.)

TenLinks - The Ultimate CAD Directory
The most informative, daily industry what's new service.
upFront eZine
The best newsletter. weekly
Autodesk Point A
Autodesk's portal
An attempt to service an online project management. Autodesk spin-off.
AutoCAD Plugin Store by beyond.com.
This is the by AutoDESK "officially recommended" tools site. (scripts, ...)
CADalog - The AutoCAD Shareware Clearinghouse.
The biggest tools site. (Mike Clark)
The CAD Depot
The oldest tools site (someone remembers ftp.synapse.net ?). Formerly known as CADSyst or "Rolling Stock Software" (David Whynot), recently bought by TenLinks.
Big portal. Hosts also the TechniCOM weekly newsletter.
The Building Industry Portal
4specs construction directory.
Links2Go for AutoCAD.
A Meta portal (but better as Yahoo).
German AutoCAD Online-Shop.

Important programs

Autodesk Homepage
AutoCAD Support, DXF specs, AEC Object Enabler (free), DwgX DWG browser plugin, Volo View DWG viewer, Whip DWF viewer, E-Store: Purchase Products Online
DWG specs
Registered Developers Overview
Spatial Technology ACIS, there's a free sat viewer as ActiveX plugin and the SAT Format Description
Robert McNeel and Associates
Accurender, Rhino, Accumodel, DOSLIB, ...
Vibrant Graphics, Inc. -
Soft Engine 3.7
GENIUS Cad Software WWW Page
Cadkey Corp. WWW Server
CAD Resources
The CAD Seat
CADmazing Solutions
Virtual Drafter (Vdraft) CAD System
Softsource SVF Plugin, DXE DWG Library, now free
Makepeace Inc.
Tailor Made Software Ltd. Data exchange specialists, DWG/DXF/HPGL/DGN/...
Insight Development Corp.
HP Printing and Imaging
HP DesignJet Plotters Software, Drivers & Support
HP Software, Drivers & Support
The World of EPSON
EPSON Deutschland
Europe: BJC-4100 Drivers
Océ Drivers
Matrox Millennium drivers and utilities
Ashlar Vellum
Change/Update texts in multiple drawings
AutoCAD Dockable Container Discussion Archive
by Jorge Lopez
www.cadopia.com - Free IntelliCAD 2000

Smaller Companies

Tony Tanzillo
Ralph Grabowski
Perceptual Engineering
SAGE-CLOS and more by Ralph Gimenez/Steve Green
Minnesota CAD Works
Darren Young's site. Also some file format descriptions
Some AutoCAD tools to try out
BASIC d.o.o LISP2C translator from Jure Spiler (great program!)
MOUNTAIN Software (Jerry Workman) Vector Utility
with CadLock and SuperPurge should be there also.
Their new site, Owen Wengard now works together with Paul Kohut and Steve Johnson
Better WMF by Furix
Cut and Paste AutoCAD drawings into MS Word and other packages.
Powerlisp Solutions
Daniel Sirk - Architectural Designer
Gilberti Spittler International
some lisps
Engineering Support Services CAD Drafting
Powerlibrarian Plus for free now
the code mill
ToolPac 3.0
Lista Studio srl Some work with Working Model 3D (in italian)
Lifted Axis Shareware
VANGUARD Software: HPGL Viewer as Java Applet
Mechsoft Some demo tools to download
Archimage's AutoLISP COGO Package


CADalog - AutoCAD Shareware ClearinghouseVery good!
CadSyst - Rolling Stock Software (former synapse)
PIRS Online(tm)
ISPRO: CAD on the Internet
Cad-Forum a new CAD Portal, but my Netscape crashes there.
Esp. interesting is the huge links collection
Digital Business Media well sorted CAD libraries (autolisp, tools, ...) in .au
The Avalon 3d Library has moved to this site: New Avalon
Viewpoint Datalabs A huge collection of 3d models (mirrors the Avalon)
The SimTel Archive
http://kells.vmedia.com/archivers/autocad.html Ventana (down ??)
Jumbo! - Business: DOS: AutoCad and AutoLisp Utilities Overcrowded!
industry.net: Shareware AutoLiSP Site
A big Shareware archive
CAD Resources
What's New on Yahoo? (not very much)
French AutoCAD Forum links pageA link to other links
Inkbox Tools
Industry Net ftp CAD site
Industry Net www page
Dr. Lisp Utilities Homepage
Alexander Medwedew's site, lot of useful utils
AutoCAD: Utilities/AutoLISP at ExecNet Commercial Site
NightOwl 8 CAD/CAM CD-ROM Archive
AutoCAD Shareware CD-ROM
Autodesk Registered Developers - Europe, Middle East, Africa
LAVA: Network Architecture jam home page (lot of 3d models)
Lisp tricks & utils
AEC Info
National US Government CAD standards
Magistrat Wien: Informationen Hochbau (german)
Magistrat Wien: CAD-Richtlinien (german)
designermax.com, finding and announcing CAD jobs. Members could enjoy the statistics they are collecting including hourly rates. Special AutoCAD jobs offered. A sample:
Member average hourly rate based on position:

Supervisor $38.57
Leader $28.33
Checker $20.71
Designer $22.62
Detailer $16.38
Engineer $27.07
Contract $34.33
Free Lance $27.92
Self Employed $37.06
All $25.60

Member average hourly rate based on experience:

Entry Level $17.52
1 to 5 Years $21.76
5 to 10 Years $25.87
Over 10 Years $29.36

Member average hourly rate based on education:

Doctorate $25.00
Masters $28.61
Bachelors $27.01
Associate $23.40
High School $25.56
Trade School $22.73
Some College $24.11
G.E.D. $15.00

Users/Non Profite Sites

www.turvill.com/t2/free stuff
clic by Christian Immler
excellent german acad/max site
North American Autodesk User Group
European assoc. of acad users group
Nederland AutoCAD Users Group
Michaelm Saletnik's AutoCAD Page
Kris Trelski: AutoCAD Virtual Users Group (updated)
South Plains AutoCAD User Group
Prof. Roopinder Tara
Les Sites AutoCAD - En vrac
Jeff Foster: AutoCad, AutoLisp
Bob Jones AutoCAD + AutoLISP page
Strathclyde's Lisp clinic
Design Research pages, Strathclyde
The russian link, DEMOS
Autolisp Source Code Page by Larry Warren
John P. Willard's AutoLisp Page
Sannah McColl does some architect. AutoCAD drafting
Vancouver AutoCAD User Society Newsletter
Henry Francis' AutoLisp page
Joe Biddy answers any AutoCAD question Just that
Mark Powells AutoLISP pages and links
A BBS in spain
Harald Hjelle's DDSCRIPT
http://www.schorsch.com/ Georg Mischler
Reinaldo Togores AutoLISP page
David Marsden's AutoCAD links
Bill Le Couteur's Home Page
Len Nemirovsky's Better Than Nothing AutoLISP Software
David at the CADapult
Chas Sweeney (Hatch patterns)
Michiel deBruijcker's AutoLISP page


upFront eZine (check it out weekly)
German Translation of the upFront eZine (without frames)
AutoCAD Magazin (german)
CADALYST Magazine with search
CADENCE Magazine WWW home page.
Peter Sheerin with a searchable Lisp code index
Dragnet CADENCE Magazine's Internet column
AutoCAD Tech Journal
Peter Sheerin
Autodesk World
Some old on-line articles
CADSYS Home Document
WorldCAD Access
Home of the CAD++ Newsletter
CAD User (with search)
CAD User Magazine Australia
CAD Systems Magazine
CADalyst Magazine On-line
Old CADalyst Magazine Gopher Menu
New Riders Publishing
Ventana Online
Spanish Online AutoCAD Magazine
CADgineering news Bill Kramers Guru's magazine
Looking Glass Microproducts Phil Kreiker


very incomplete list

TU-Graz Architektur - autocad pages in english, by Reini Urban
Arch-&-CAAD: Research Projects at the ETHZ
TU-Wien CAD für Wirtschaftsingenieure in Deutsch, by Roland Bauer
Autocad at Uccb
- architecture gate -a(ETHZ)
Fakultät für Bauingenieurwesen und Architektur der Universität Innsbruck
ArchLab Wien


Cadstudio s.r.o CZ (Lisp Debugger at the ftp link)
MOUNTAIN CAD GIS & Mapping specialists in West Virgina
Cadstation, Chicago's AutoCAD dealer
CADworks Inc., Authorized Autodesk, Softdesk Reseller in Irving TX
CADVisions, Inc., Authorized Autodesk, Softdesk Reseller in Dallas TX
Lansing Pugh Associates - Authorized AutoCAD and 3D Studio dealer in Austin, TX


Technical Documents Index
AutoCAD's DWG format description
DXF, SLD, SLB format description
Kovac Software AutoCAD's DWG format Here was free reader, C/C++ sources to download, now not anymore
Frans' scan_dwg.c (R12, gcc version, not completed)
Reini's scan_dwg.c (R12, watcom version, not completed)
The story of cracking the DWG R13 file format (not completed)
3D Modeling / Rendering / Raytracing File Formats
Directory of Computational Geometry Software
Autodesk's CDK Demonstrations (the predecessor of VRML 2)


cca glossary
AutoCAD FAQ (interesting but empty)
CADIT Tutorial
Interactive Tutor for Learning CAD
Introduction to AutoCAD students introductory course to R12
Introduction to AutoCAD r13 students introductory course to R13
AutoCAD Tutorials by Stephen Peter
AutoCAD Tutorials - South Bank University
Index Librorum Liberorum
John Walkers site, w/ software + "The AutoDesk File"
CAD Management Project, City of Seattle, Department of Administrative Services
AutoCAD Standards - Characteristics, Procedures, and Policies
AEC Info Center
Angebot: AutoCAD Studentenversion 199.-DM
Tailoring AutoCad: Using the Car, Cdr, RtoS and StrCat functions by Ralph Grabowski
Clarkson University CAD Courses
The UUCB AutoLISP Tutorial
CAEN General AutoCAD Tutorial
www resources for architectural CAD
AutoCAD R13 Overview very graphical!
Omen's CAD/CAM Archive
AutoCAD Programming in C/C++
AutoCAD Skills Assessment < /DL>


AIA, American Institute of Architects
PLOTT EGGS (german online book)
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Architecture
Bau - Bauen & Wohnen - HomePage

Search Engines

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