The new emacs'en for win32 now performs very well, due to byte-code compiled elisp's and optimized compilation. Also a very tricky startup, similar to load-image of the dumped core (aka "undump"). (I wished AutoCAD could do this as well)

There are compiled optimized binaries for FSF (GNU) NTEmacs (NT/Win95, i386) and XEmacs (which is the package I prefer). The latest stable FSF version is 20.6. This improved a lot!

Personally I prefer XEmacs because it is more organized, has better menus and is quite faster. Latest stable is 21.1.11 but the current beta 21.2.35 is fine for me.
It is also easier to extend in C. Get the self-installing exe [24mb] or compile it by your own [7mb]. Go to the XEmacs download page and mirror list.

Where is my nearest GNU mirror? (via ftpsearch)
This is the GNU mirror list.

I also keep the html version of the elisp introduction here. This is a fine NT Emacs introduction summary.

Here are my compatible .emacs files, which do work with xemacs, ntemacs and two seperate custom files. (and of course a bunch of macros and keys)

My current work (plans)

AutoLISP.el todo

The FAQ AutoDESK reported some problems with earlier ntemacs and their R14 HeapAgent memory manager. See the FAQ how to use EDITBIN to resolve this.

Customizations notes:

The whole problematic customization issues went away with the new custom module. I keep two seperate custom files, by setting 'custom-file' in .emacs.

Some notes at first:
Menu Tools - Display Speedbar for your lisp files.
Try out ilisp from
Run etags -l lisp over your lisp files.

Other Lisp editors and emacs utilities are listed at the Association of Lisp Users page.
I used to use MultiEdit Pro for a couple of years (similar in features and customization to emacs, search/replace and help is better), and Visual Lisp (formerly Vital Lisp). This is the AutoCAD integrated IDE, we have to use it, but it is not customizable. Special AutoLISP editors are listed in the FAQ
xlisp-stat for Windows has a new small lisp editor too.


Author: Reini Urban
Time-stamp: "2001-03-03 23:34:59 rurban"