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Re: CLHS Compressed HTML Help permission

Nick Levine wrote:
> I downloaded your zip archive and unpacked it.
>      23/05/99  16:13              4,209,871 CLHS.chm
>      23/05/99  14:53                  5,283 CLHS.hhp
>      23/05/99  15:47                 30,239 Table of Contents.hhc
>                    5 File(s)      4,245,393 bytes
> I have IE 3.02 (4.70.1300). I cannot open any of the files (file "hh.exe"
> missing?) - maybe the "hhctrl.ocx" which you mentioned is not there? Where would
> it be if I had it? Where would I obtain a copy?

the html workshop is for free at microsoft's website.
i put the self-extracting hhupd.exe onto my website too, this is the
only redistributable file from them. hope that hh.exe is there also included.
if not "mk:@MSITStore:CLHS.chm::/FrontMatter/index.html" should work

the hh workshop is at
http://www.microsoft.com/ntserver/nts/exec/vendors/freeshare/HTML.asp (4mb)

i also improved the binary indices somewhat (internally), now it
needs only 3.5mb anymore (if you care to download it again).
It is finished from my side. i tested it yesterday, together with cltl2 and
cormanlisp, my inet connection was broken yesterday.

ftp://xarch.tu-graz.ac.at/pub/autocad/lisp/cl/hhupd.exe	(476kb)
ftp://xarch.tu-graz.ac.at/pub/autocad/lisp/cl/CLHS.chm	(3.5mb)
ftp://xarch.tu-graz.ac.at/pub/autocad/lisp/cl/CLHS-hhsrc.zip (19kb)
ftp://xarch.tu-graz.ac.at/pub/autocad/lisp/cl/CLtL2.chm  (1.8mb)
ftp://xarch.tu-graz.ac.at/pub/autocad/lisp/cl/CLtL2-hhsrc.zip  (19kb)

Reini Urban