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Corman Common Lisp patches

AutoCAD Interface

2002-05-20: Try the new com class loader com-acad using Chris Double's idl.lisp (slightly modified) from http://www.double.co.nz/cl/ and his weblog. This creates CLOS classes from typelibs automatically (e.g. the AutoCAD IDL is huge: 530kb IDL and 1.6MB as sexp). The syntax should ideally be the same as with ACL imported OLE objects. This is work in progress, there are not so many utility functions and helpers yet. The zip contains all required modules and patches.

There's also the old Corman Lisp ARX v0.2.013 for Corman LISP. This is a corman console listener inside AutoCAD. Warning! This ARX is only tested up to Corman Lisp v1.3
See the README for this acad library.

NOTE: The latest released Corman Lisp acad library reflects CLARX version 0.2.011

I'll try to add some basic IDispatch interface (Corman as OLE server) when I'll have some spare time, to allow access from VB or VLISP. It should be dynamic as with pythonwin or acl. (see ffi's)

Older Plans:
I didn't have time yet to write it down, because I wanted to do it "good". To do it manually you'll have to create a FFI or COM interface definition for each and every AutoCAD function. That's why I started to think writing a TLB importer (in spirit to vl-import-typelib) but with using autoloading stubs for the COM part. Or similar with simple FFI stubs parsed from the export definition file.
The number of required FFI functions for the low-level AutoCAD interface: (from exports15)

librarynumber of functions
AcDb 4719
AcGe 3578
AcRx 448
aced 111
AcAx 130

ILISP XEmacs/ntemacs interface

The ilisp fixes for cormanlisp are incooperated into ilisp 5.12. The XEmacs and ntemacs ilisp dialect definition for cormanlisp of mine is here, but the plain cl dialect should work also fine. This needs some corman lisp patches (setf readtable-case, compile-file-pathname, ...). For convenience I included all other currently known patches too. Note that emacs will need a header like this:
   ;;;; -*- Mode: Lisp; Syntax: Common-Lisp; tab-width:4 -*-
or just
   ;;;; -*- tab-width:4 -*-
not to bother Roger or to reindent all sources.

I also wrote some XEmacs emodules (htmlhelp, winhelp, OLE, registry), but haven't successfully compiled them yet for my various emacsen.
A patch for ntemacs to call COM servers is here, but it doesn't work yet good enough.

Various other modules

Old Source Patches

These were only relevant to integrate ilisp 5.10 with cormanlisp 1.41. Most of it is defunct now.
To browse my old unofficial lisp modules and fixes click [here].
Note that you must do a "diff -b" (ignoring whitespace) to find the changes because I added the emacs header line in all files and reindentend most functions. The ilisp relevant fixes only are in ccl-ilisp-fixes.zip.

E-Mail Archive and Help

I published my mail-archive with all publishable mails regarding corman lisp, esp. for AutoCAD.


Get the Corman Common Lisp documentation and help v1.5 converted to HTML Help cclwinhelp.zip [80kb], and all three big common lisp help files together all-lispchm.zip [5mb] (CLHS, CLtL2,Corman). This allows browsing and searching of all three together.
You might also want to see the old CLtL2 and CLHS HTML Help files and sources.


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