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Keywords: AutoCAD, AutoLISP, DWG tools
Summary: Educational AutoCAD related info and tools.
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Some of the most important pages here are:


I've got free diskspace here, so I decided to publish some important AutoCAD utilities and information I collected over the years.

What's new?

simple url updates and links are not listed, mail archive updates are also done automatically now.

See /wiki/RecentChanges from now on. The static website is only updated sporadicly.
March 2002:

The "what's new" history

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This is an academic site, so please don't expect any ad's. Our sponsor is the ZID (central computing services) and Inst. f. Urban Planning, Environm. Studies and Conservation, Fac. of Architecture, TU-Graz, Austria, but we are in fact a completely independent students server. (Die legendären autonomen Architektur Zeichensäle der TU Graz. Eh' scho' wissen.)
From 2002 on I'll work for the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, but this site will stay here as it is. Maybe I will have more time in vienna to work in lisp and CAD (AutoCAD/Inventor), but mostly I'll do something more interesting.

There are no fancy layouted images or tables in these pages to increase the information/byte rate. Some guys really got a terrible connection from their providers or to europe.
"As the Chinese say, 1001 words is worth more than a picture." - John McCarthy

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I was member of the ADGE, the AutoCAD Developers Group Europe and collected some information about ADGE and their members.

You might want to view or leave a note in our Guestbook.

We've got an FTP server too on this linux box. This directory here is linked to the pointer ftp://xarch.tu-graz.ac.at/pub/ but clicking on the executables should download the files too.
If the helper application/zip is not defined, simply click on the "Save to disk" button. But if you see garbage on the screen (netscape...) use this FTP link. Some Windows Browsers apply the extension .DOC to Winword.

These scientific pages represent the views of its author who offers it for distribution under the umbrella of scientific Freedom Of Information, for the benefit of the community. Neither the Technical University of Graz nor any of its members, esp. including its Rector and the Dean of the Faculty for Architecture have any scientific or legal responsibility in the making of these webpages or for its content.
Oct 1, 1996
I had to put this in after the Vircing The InVircible affair at the uni hamburg

known by AltaVista. (Between 400 and 600 typically)

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